Welcome to Epsilon s.r.l.

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Welcome to Epsilon s.r.l.!

The Epsilon S.r.l. offers a series of cleaning services for civil and industrial environments all around Italy. Over the years, our business has grown as well as our turnover. Thanks to the increase in the resources at our disposal, we have been able, but above all, to expand the range of our activities in order to guarantee customers complete Facility Management services. The idea that drives us to diversify our package of offers is to propose ourselves as a single interlocutor for companies that need to rely on third parties to manage their facilities, with support ranging from logistics to data flow .

The wide range of activities that we aim to satisfy does not give us the opportunity to propose an inefficient service. All our work and our turnover are therefore based on clear and precise values that shape our structure and our organization and direct our relationships with our customers. At Epsilon we believe that respect, professionalism and transparency in customer treatment are the only way for a medium-large company like ours to succeed. As a service company, we need our customers to renew their trust in us day by day. We believe that the best way to do this is to establish a respectful relationship with the people we work with and to whom we offer our services. A relationship in which respect for agreements, transparency in the transmission of information and professionalism are never questioned.

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