Green Maintenance

Professionals in putting in safety and in the aesthetic yield of the green

Our green maintenance services include the design and construction of gardens, turf fertilization, sowing and turf accommodation, pruning


To obtain a healthy lawn, a skilful turf design is necessary that takes into consideration the different phases of the work, carefully evaluating the variables.
The success of a turf starts above all from a careful preparation of the soil, it will therefore be advisable to check and improve in case the fertility of the soil is necessary. As a result, an efficient irrigation system must be provided and seeds suitable for cultivation should be selected based on climatic conditions and soil characteristics. To make sure that the preparation and sowing phases are carried out correctly, it is advisable to consult with experts in the field. For the maintenance of the green in Milan and all around Italy and to design a garden with a satisfactory turf, please contact us.


Pruning consists of a series of interventions that allow you to change the natural way of growing and producing fruits of a plant. Tree pruning is performed both for aesthetic and safety reasons, allowing to obtain ordered gardens and to reduce the risk that the branches produce damage to people or things.
The rules of pruning are many and concern both the choice of suitable periods for the interventions that the technical execution of the cut and the approach to the tree. Especially for the pruning of tall trees it is advisable to rely on experts who have the possibility to use appropriate technologies and that are able to keep your garden safe.


Garden care is often left to make impromptu choices that do not take into consideration all the variables that influence the aesthetics, the order and the safety of the garden. Epsilon S.r.l offers a design, construction and maintenance service for green areas in Milan and in Italy that relies on professionals in the sector.
Our staff plans the interventions in the gardens from the first architectural sketches to the actual realization. Our design is always attentive to customer needs. Our professionals will respect your ideas but will be able to report any problems and indicate the most appropriate solutions. The realization of an aesthetically satisfying and safe garden is not a result that can be left to chance; clear ideas and competence are needed.


Fertilization is the practice that allows you to provide the turf all the nutrients it needs. The fertilization of the lawn allows to obtain a healthy, resistant and aesthetically pleasing turf. The fertilizer used and the times of the intervention are fundamental factors for a satisfactory aesthetic yield of the lawn and to increase its resistance to extreme climatic conditions and diseases. In particular, through the correct distribution of nutrients (macroelements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or microelements such as iron), a resistant, luxuriant and aesthetically satisfying lawn can be obtained. However, the success of these operations and the assessments that precede them can only be guaranteed if you have a good competence in the matter. Epsilon S.r.l. is it uses the best green maintenance professionals in Milan and all around Italy, thanks to our experts we will know how to invigorate and nourish your best.

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