Zero Impact

Zero Impact project

The IMPACT ZERO project, pursued through the application of the standards deriving from the certifications and the UNI EN ISO 14001/2015 and UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 policies, aims to improve, save, reduce and, where possible, eliminate the polluting impact, produced by our activity on the environment The commitment assumed by this management, beyond the certifications themselves, aims to constantly reduce all waste (energy, water, electricity, consumption and production, etc.) and all those elements that produce pollution. We reduce, respect, recycle because we love the world first of all. The environmental certification system says of a model of society that cares about the environment that produces less waste and less pollution and invests in its future. For our good and our children and for the future of all.


The IMPACT ZERO project provides for a good functioning of the quality and environmental management system applied to the Company, therefore it has defined organizational structure which identifies human resources dedicated to the management system through roles responsibilities and powers defined in a “Zero Project Mansion”. Purpose and primary role of the Management is the elaboration of the ‘zero project’ specific for committed according to the following criteria:

1) Elaborate the plan of the policy and the corporate objectives for the protection and the safeguard environmental.

2) Adopt new systems, strategies and technologies to pursue and continuously improve the quality of the service rendered and to reduce the polluting impact produced by its activities.

3) Analyze the document reports on a constant basis

4) Review the procedures and systems in progress

5) Provides (if necessary) corrective action on the systems adopted


The application development of this project is divided into four main phases:

Phase 1 – Analysis of the structure on which to intervene based on the type (Offices, industry, condominiums etc) the analysis must predict and estimate area by area the intervention to be carried out by evaluating:
– service execution times
– current consumption of products (chemical products and recovery of waste materials) / Water – Electricity
– Standard service estimate required on the basis of the technical specifications provided to us

Phase 2 – Systematic development of an appropriate service comparable to the needs of the customer with reduction of consumption and reduction of environmental impact

Phase 3 – in case of awarding the service on a constant basis will be analyzed the feedback reports on consumption and submitted to the client’s management

Phase 4 – if the management identifies a new system to improve / reduce
even more the polluting impact commits itself to submit the same to the client and in case of approval to adopt the new system / product

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