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Cleaning, disinfestation, deratting, sanitation and much more, in civil and industrial environments

Our cleaning activity has for years been a convenient and professional solution to be relied upon to guarantee the hygiene and liveability of civil and industrial environments. Companies rely on the experience of our staff to maintain healthy environments in which it is possible to work and live in the best possible way. Our staff guarantees maximum discretion; moreover, we adapt our service to customer needs.

The “disinfestation” activity includes a wide range of actions and behaviors aimed at excluding the presence of insects and rodents in a certain circumscribed environment. These activities range from the simple use of spray products in the rooms to the mechanical, chemical and ecological fight against the weeds
The disinfestations are carried out mostly in three phases. In the first phase of ‘monitoring’ the aim is to find out the details of the problem such as the characteristics of weeds and the environment. This phase is very important for planning direct intervention. The second phase involves the ‘fight against weeds’ through the use of the most suitable tools that can only be understood through a professional look at the problem. Among the most common methods there are the use of traps, the interventions with chemical insecticides, the use of ultrasounds and fumigants. The third phase is that of ‘control’. At first our staff and then the user himself will have to make sure to check periodically that the pests do not recur. A serious and thorough check is necessary to discover the problems as soon as they start to manifest themselves and consequently to intervene quickly.
Epsilon S.r.l uses professionals who know how to operate effectively in all three phases of disinfestation. If you want to rely on disinfestation professionals in Milan and all around Italy, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


The presence of rodents in a circumscribed environment depends largely on the presence of food and the possibility of finding shelter. Generally, uncultivated vegetation offers an important possibility of refuge. The vegetation that characterizes the banks of canals or the urban areas particularly abandoned to neglect is a particularly favored environment for rats. Buildings adjacent to these areas may therefore exhibit problems of infestation due to the presence of food.
To limit the problem it is advisable to perform capillary control activities and from time to time perform direct interventions. Relying on specialists will save you valuable energy and will ensure you get the results you want.


By sanitation are meant all those interventions aimed at eliminating pathogenic microorganisms present in a certain environment. Pathogens are vehicles of bacteria, viruses and diseases in general that can contaminate healthy organisms, for this reason it is appropriate to sanitize the environments in which we live. Sanitization is an operation in which chemicals are used that require special treatments. A staff expert in these activities can guarantee the correct use of the sanitation tools.


Cockroaches are insects that can settle in buildings causing serious risks to the health of those who live or work there. These insects prefer moist environments and can be vehicles of a variety of pathogenic bacteria and parasites. In addition, the presence of cockroaches in domestic environments may be the cause of allergic disorders and asthma. An immediate and radical intervention is always appropriate in cases of cockroach infestation due to the high level of reproduction of these insects.


In addition to ordinary cleaning and disinfestation treatments in Milan and all around Italy, Epsilon S.r.l. offers a service of recovery, treatment and maintenance of natural stones. Natural stones are materials particularly sensitive to pollutants and for this reason end up staining. A professional treatment can bring the natural stone back to its original state, restoring its charm.

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